Illustration Process

Screen recording of the above watercolor style illustration.
While I sometimes think that revealing the process of something takes away from the magic of the final piece - I also have a love of learning and sharing what I've learned over the years. There are many ways to render a portrait, or any drawing for that matter - from assembling found objects, to drawing with pen and ink, to using a mouse and computer - I have never felt there is any right or wrong way to go about making something as long as you are creating a thing that speaks to you.

Vector is fun!

I do really enjoy popping into illustrator for a fun portrait!
This rendering was done with the intent to have a "Wes Anderson" vibe to it. A lot of artists I've met seem to hide their sources and inspiration for their work, but I think it's natural for most people to have inspiration and a style in mind for the things they make. I feel the internet age makes it easy to find motivation to continue to develop as an artist because I am constantly seeing new and inspiring pieces of art that make me want to try new things and share what I learn!